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Top 5 Products for Online Learning

The transition into an online learning environment can quite possibly take a toll on your learning habits as well as your well being. It is crucial to take the time to not only invest in yourself, but the right tools and products that will help enhance your engagement, productivity and well being through this adjustment. Here are our top 5 product recommendations that will help you get through online learning!

Laptop Stand

When we use our laptop on an everyday basis we don't really think about the health issues we become exposed to, for instance, neck pain, eye strain, back problems, etc. Laptop stands are incredibly beneficial for overcoming these short term and long term health risks and are definitely something worth investing in as the world transitions into virtual platforms and work from home environments.

Laptop Bed Stand

As a student, sometimes the comfort of our own bed seems far more like a workspace than a proper desk. To those that prefer watching morning lectures in bed, a Laptop Bed Stand is exactly what you need! A laptop stand acts as a portable desk to wherever you may be seated, and provides the structure and support for you to work within the comfort of your own space!

Bluelight Glasses

With the transition into online learning/working, we are constantly staring at screens for long periods of time exposing our eyes to Blue Light, in fact too much of it. Not only do they come in endless styles to choose from, the lens protects your eyes from digital eye strain by filtering out a specific segment of light wavelengths. However, over extensive exposure to blue light can cause far mar damage than an eye strain. Consider doing further research or reaching out to an eyecare professional before purchasing a pair!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you’re the type of person who needs music or complete silence to get into the zone of studying, you might want to consider investing in headphones that actually cancel out noise! A few brands we recommend are Bose, Beats, Sony, and Apple! There are tons of unique headphones on the market, and at least one is guaranteed to ease the adjustment into online learning.

Weekly Planner

Organization is key to staying motivated! Having a clear idea of your priorities regarding current tasks and responsibilities is the easiest way to lighten the load of upcoming deadlines. In addition to a monthly calendar, a weekly planner is just as effective and important! As opposed to a monthly calendar, a weekly planner can not only help distinguish your weekly goals, to-do’s and deadlines, but also allows you to go into further depth and detail! If you’re a busy student that's got a heavy workload then this one's definitely for you!

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