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The Six Best Business Podcasts you NEED to listen to RIGHT NOW!

In the midst of a global pandemic, you may be trying to pave your professional career path and like most others, don’t know where to begin! Take a listen into some of our favourite podcasts covering everything from deep coffee chat conversations to inspirational success stories all while navigating your own professional journey through the business mindset.

The $100 MBA Show

Hosted by: Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom differentiates his business podcasts from others by discussing the processes of running an efficient business as opposed to just growing one. Omar creates a lively and engaging atmosphere in every episode while educating entrepreneurs on how to use predictable economic patterns to your advantage, how to build a better marketing flywheel, and how to prevent common business problems from arising. As a result of the podcast's excellency in delivering insightful knowledge and value, Omar Zenhom has won multiple awards and claims from sources such as Forbes, iTunes and Inc. magazine’s.

StartUp Podcast

Hosted by: Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow

The StartUp Podcast covers almost everything there is to know about what it’s like starting up a business! Alex and Lisa cover topics that range from the personal perspective and mindset, to the professional executions and launches of stepping into the business world. If you’re looking to gain inspiration and an in-depth understanding of the reality of starting up a business, take a listen to learn about special tactics and tips and tricks of the do’s and don'ts.

Duct Tape Marketing

Hosted by: John Jantsch

The Duct Tape Marketing podcast informs and educates small businesses looking to learn more about marketing on a budget. By tuning in, listeners gain a deep understanding of the technical as well as the abstract techniques for maximizing market outreach and diversifying our business. Through this podcast, you’ll learn how to differentiate your business from others within the industry and enhance uniqueness through various topics such as current marketing trends and the importance of authenticity.

HBR Idea Cast

Hosted by: Sarah Green Carmichael

The Harvard Business Review’s Idea Cast is the ideal business podcast that primarily focuses on business management through essential topics on how to successfully lead and grow teams and contractors to scale your business. Sarah interviews a series of industry professionals while working through realistic case scenarios to provide listeners an

exceptional understanding of learning to scale your business as an entrepreneur.


Hosted by: Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner interviews successful entrepreneurs leading their industry through deep coffee chat conversations and case studies. Andrew conducts extensive research prior to these conversations, thus addressing some of the most intense questions providing listeners with key insight directly from his guests. The podcast defines what it takes to successfully grow a business and discusses the significance of having “no one right way to run a business”.

Outside In

Hosted by: Charles Trevail

Charles Trevail focuses the podcast on discovering the depths and unwinding the secrets of the worlds most consumer-centric companies. The Outside In, features industry leaders and media role models to discuss the significance of creating a culture of putting customers first and highlighting strategies to adapt this approach into your business.


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