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From January 15th to January 18th, 2021 DECA Ryerson and our delegates were finally able to compete in the event they have been training months for, Nationals 2021.  We would first like to thank Ryerson University and the Ted Rogers Students society for supporting our delegates through these challenging financial times. The Ted Rogers School Of Management was able to help subsidize our delegate’s fees in order to have opportunities like these become more accessible to students. 

DECA U Canada’s National Conference was a four-day conference with over 1,300 delegates competing across Ontario with over 15 universities including Ryerson University. The conference is focused on a case competition with individuals, teams, and special cases of over 15 different categories. To end the last night, we were pleased to have Matthew Price the General Manager from Uber Canada speak on his development as a person through DECA and his passion for learning. 

Despite the unknowns of this year, our delegate development team was able to train and prepare our delegates over our four ZOOM training sessions. Our delegates learned the fundamentals of case cutting and to be adaptable in any space and situation. Nevertheless of the uncertainties, we have seen immense growth of our delegates from their confidence, to their skills in communication. With the help of our executive team, we were able to continue to develop growth by hosting an internal case day for delegates to simulate Nationals as much as possible. Special thanks to Saber Blitz for supporting us further by hosting “The Brain Blitz Case WorkShop” for delegates to continue to develop their case cutting skills.

Of course with hard work come successes. We have seen immense growth and development from each of our delegates. Our organization was proud to have received the “Largest Chapter of the Year " award, along with the “Chapter of The Year”. WIthout our delegates, our executive team, and support from Ted Rogers School of Management this would have not have been possible. Special thanks to our facility advisor Michael Baumtrog and our liaison Nicole Petroff for always being an email away. Congratulations to all of our delegates, and to Deca U Canada for hosting an amazing conference!


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