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9 Webinars for the Socially Distanced Business Student

It's no secret that quarantine has been a bit boring for everyone. However, instead of mindlessly scrolling through your social feeds, baking too much banana bread, and finishing all of Netflix, here are some webinars and live streams that will keep you feeling productive, and your mind energized. You can even watch them without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

1. Elevate Live

Watch and learn from tech industry professionals as they provide some of their insight on a variety of topics, from alternative sources of financing for small businesses surviving COVID-19, to how to remain customer-centric in uncertain times. Featured speakers have been Michele Romanow, Guy Kawasaki, and Scotta Galloway, to namedrop a few of them. For all the tech enthusiasts out there (or aspiring entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers or anybody prepared to soak up some knowledge), this is a great way to pass the time.

You can see all the past sessions, read recaps on the talks, and sign up to attend future live streams here.

2. Hubspot - Adapt 2020

This educational series by Hubspot is seriously something you do not want to miss out on. The series is focused on how to develop marketing strategies and to adapt your business in unique situations, such as a global pandemic and the changing economy. They’ve tackled topics such as “Advertising in a time of crisis,” “How to enable remote sales and marketing teams,” and “Selling through uncertainty.” For all you marketing junkies out there, this is a gold mine of information that is available for free.

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3. Planoly Digital Event Series

If you have ever wanted to explore the multifaceted realm of digital marketing, this series is your chance to learn from the experiences of Planoly's vast network of influencers, entrepreneurs, social media masters and more. Previous topics have covered how to convert instead of cancelling events, building a strong online community and navigating influencer marketing.

Upcoming events can be accessed through this link!

4. BoF Live

BoF, The Business of Fashion, is one of the largest sources of news and updates in the fashion industry. Imran Amed (founder and CEO) has been keeping us well informed via virtual Zoom calls. BoF Live aims to connect the global community and provide guidance and inspiration in today’s uncertain fashion landscape. Participants are able to pose questions, with experts providing their wisdom. Upcoming discussions will address the future of Wholesale in the retail landscape, how to get the most out of your marketing budget, you get the idea. Future guests will be CEO of Shopify Harley Finkelstein and fashion model Naomi Campbell to pique your interest further.

Register for upcoming sessions here. View previous BoF Lives here.

5. WWULive

Whole Wale is a digital agency with a focus on social impact. For all your social entrepreneurs (or for anybody who’s socially conscious), this is a great platform that combines an interest in tech and analytics with nonprofits and giving back. Their online webinars offer focused training from experts that range from many topics. Two unique workshops, happening in June will cover online fundraising and building dashboards. In the past, WWULive has covered topics such as Google Analytics fundamentals, impact measurement, and fundraising best practices. If none of these are to your interest, Whole Wale has taken the liberty to compile a list of other great nonprofit webinars to explore, which can be found here.

Click here to start your learning.

6. Score Live Webinars

SCORE is a source of education and mentoring advice for small businesses and has helped over 11 entrepreneurs with workshops, resources and webinars. Helpful tips have been offered on social media marketing, being productive while at home, to fraud protection. They’ve covered all aspects of running a business, so there’s a webinar for everyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not.

You can take advantage of this info here.

7. Entrepreneur Webinars

Entrepreneur Magazine, a well known and reputable source for all things entrepreneurship, has also hopped on the webinar bandwagon to provide great advice to those in the startup phase or growing their companies. Even if you’re not an aspiring entrepreneur, topics like ‘how to make money in a crisis,” and the “personal growth” webinars are sure to appeal.

Access all the webinars here.

8. Emma Webinar Hub

Emma is an email marketing platform for universities, so of course, their webinars divulge the best email marketing tips and even extends to how to get the most out of your event marketing. To quote from their website, “You’ll learn tons of effective email marketing tips, tricks, & stats from the brands that do it best. And don’t worry, we’ll keep the bulleted slides to a minimum. Promise.”

View recorded sessions here.

9. MOZ Learning Centre

“Looking for a place to learn SEO — for free?” the tagline on the website reads. Search engine optimization is a valued skill, especially as leveraging the power of the Internet becomes increasingly more important in an e-commerce dominated world. Luckily, there’s MOZ, an SEO software that is offering free hour-long tutorials to help teach you this skill.

Follow this link to begin your SEO education.

Are you still bored? You don’t have to be anymore, there are hours upon hours of resources here and a chance to master that skill you’ve been meaning to pick up for some time now. With the probability of online classes hovering over our heads, this webinar format might just be the new normal for classes come fall, so it can’t hurt to become acquainted with it.

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