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5 Ways to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Are you tired of all your zoom calls and zoom classes? Not motivated to participate or not paying attention during the call? Well here are some tips to help you stay more engaged and motivated when learning and communicating remotely on Zoom!

1. Atmosphere

Creating a proper and good zoom call/class atmosphere will go a long way in helping you stay motivated and engaged during those lengthy calls. Try to conduct the call in a well-lit area and at a desk sitting up as if it was a normal workday or lecture. It also helps to get dressed up into regular work or day clothing instead of “home clothing” as this will help your morale and get ready for the zoom call.

2. Don’t forget to move and disconnect

We all know how long and draining Zoom calls can be, but one major way to combat that Zoom fatigue is to get up and move; don't be ashamed to disconnect and take a much-needed break. If your Zoom call lasts more than an hour, it might be a good idea to implement a break during the call or when you may have a gap between calls to heavily take advantage of that time. Breaks are a great way to relax and even boost your creativity, giving you fuel, and getting your creative juices flowing to continue your long video sessions. Always try to get up and stretch and maybe do a couple of quick exercises to keep the blood flowing. It is important to make time for personal activities as part of your day. Plan to spend your lunch hour with your family or by getting a breath of fresh air.

3. Get rid of distractions

We all know how easy it can be to pick up your phone and start scrolling through Instagram or TikTok during your Zoom call, but limiting these types of distractions will go a long way in avoiding Zoom fatigue. It is key to try and stay engaged throughout the entire Zoom call as it is important for your learning and retention. The less engaged you are in the Zoom call the more fatigued and bored you will become during the call. According to Harvard Business Review, multitasking can cost you up to 40% of your productive time and lead to a lot of memory issues. Instead of multitasking and becoming distracted, focus your attention 100% on the Zoom call until it’s over.

4. Stay Positive

Although being at home and having to learn remotely from campus isn’t ideal, try your best to stay positive. Focus on the things in which you are grateful for. Gratitude has plenty of positive mental and physical impacts. So, appreciate the time together with family and friends, appreciate your reduced commute and appreciate the adaptability you’re strengthening in yourself. Learning online can be very tough but it is very important to think of the positives and try best to enjoy those Zoom calls!

5. Create Motivations

Another key factor in avoiding Zoom fatigue is to create motivations! Try writing or typing out your to-do list instead of just having it in your head. You won’t have to devote headspace to constantly remembering what you have to do, and the pleasure of crossing tasks off your list can help you stay motivated. Make sure to build that agenda or calendar to plan your tasks and calls. Also, make sure to keep time open to disconnect and log off to give yourself free time and avoid becoming overwhelmed and fatigued with Zoom calls.


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